Pantavi Location
Km. 7 on the Salinas Tumbabiro road
Imbabura Province, Ecuador

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Monday to Friday 09h00 – 17h30
(02) 2340-601 Ext, 2 | (+593) 99 917 7504

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(+593) 99 917 7504 | (06) 2934 185


Hosteria Museart Pantavi

The perfect balance between nature, culture and art.

Nestled in the heart of the northern Ecuadorian mountain range, close to Ibarra and Otavalo, is Hostería Pantaví. This magical place dazzles its visitors with its unique spaces, architecture and artistic atmosphere.

A beautiful Hostería and an ideal place to rest and relax among friends and family. Hosteria Museart Pantavi is also an ideal space for corporate events.


The Hosteria

Architecture and art at Pantavi

“Every space is a canvas”, Camilo Andrade

The Hosterías infrastructure matches that of a country house’s rustic architecture, surrounded by beautiful gardens and patios. Exploring Hostería Pantaví is a true adventure and delight, where art is not just a decorative element, but the place itself.

The renowned artist Camilo Andrade left a lasting mark in every space here with his murals, paintings and sculptures. There is no room like another, each one tells its own story, and it’s a fantastic surprise!


Art in Pantavi

Rooms and Suites

Singular, attractive and comfortable spaces

There are different accomodaiton options based on the needs of our visitors. THe Hostería 22 rooms, including Suites, Premium and Standard rooms, with private bathroom, a hot shower, and a comfortable, rustic touch.

Each room is unique, both in its architectural construction and artistic identity. Discover the history and anecdotes they treasure on their walls!




Discover the treasures and geography of Imbabura

There is a wide range of carefully designed programs, including pleasant walks, excursions in the cloud forest, the emblematic market of Otavalo, the Chachimbiro hot springs and ecological reserves like El Angel and Cotacachi – Cayapas.



An ideal location

Tumbabiro, blessed by nature and fresh water springs

This is an ideal place to explore the wonders of Imbabura, its geography, markets, indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian cultures. The Tumbabiro district is a quiet and hospitable town, known for its beauty and landscapes, among which the Cotacachi volcano and Yanahurco hill stand out. It is located 29 km from Ibarra and 8 km from the Chachimbiro Hot Springs.


How to get there



We care about the environment

At Hosteria Museart Pantavi we apply environmentally friendly practices, focused on resource optimization and recycling. We promote fair work with local communities and our collaborators. We have been recognized with accredited seals of quality and service.

Art in Pantavi

The Hostería – a gallery by Camilo Andrade

Hostería Pantaví that captivates and dazzles all its visitors. It is a “living art gallery”, where you can feel the affection and dedication of plastic artista Camilo Andrade in every corner. Small and large format pieces decorate and give life to the place, a tribute to art and culture. Each piece can be purchased.