Art at Hosteria Museart Pantavi

A fascinating living gallery

In Hosteria Pantavi, a wonderful phenomenon takes place that involves its art and decoration, elements which are more than just ornamental and, in fact, make the place itself! Pantaví a vast collection of plastic pieces in small, medium and large format. All of its spaces are authentic, soulful, and carry the spirit of art with which mentor artist Camilo Andrade endowed it.

In Hostería Pantaví you can soak up the artistic atmosphere that dazzles and captivates its visitors, constantly surprising them with a diverse series of symbolic work, each telling a stroy.

We invite you to tour the Hostería and enjoy its fascinating art collection!

Painting Classes

Enjoy this activity at Pantavi

Painting and drawing is one of the best suited activities to do in Pantavi due to its surroundings, close contact to nature, trees, insects, birds and specially because Pantavi has been considered a Muse-Art place with lots of huge murals and hundreds of art work which are ubiquitous in the whole complex. For those who are interested in painting, no matter if you have experience or not, young or old, get inspired and let us know your interest in advance! We have selected some materials and will organize an art teacher who will conduct and introduce you in the art world.

The artist: Camilo Andrade

“All space is a canvas”

In the words of the artist, the foundation of his work corresponds to the “desire to capture what appears on a canvas”, also making room for spontaneity and playfulness in his work, based on figuration and expression.

Art collection

Approach to the work: figuration and expression

The collection is made up of the work of artist Camilo Andrade, from the 1980s to present day, with a varied diversity of themes that wind their way along the the paths of Ecuadorian identity, its indigenous roots, Afro subjects, mysteries of mestizaje as well as international themes.

The medium and large format works are remarkable, particularly the large murals exhibited in the exterior patios, made through collage and assembly using diverse materials. The “Warochiri” series also stands out, and is dedicated to men and gods.

Many of the pieces are for sale. Please ask for more information at reception.

Camilo Andrade


A self-taught artist, linguist, mountaineer, and lover of nature, Camilo Andrade studied for one year at the School of Fine Arts at the Central University of Quito at the beginning of the 80’s. He took part in several engraving workshops, exploring techniques with paint and plastic expression. By traveling and visiting art museums in several countries, he enriched his experience.

Since 2007, he has been dedicated to mural painting using a large number of materials such as: iron bars, nails, pumice stone, horseshoes and glass bottles. In 2010, he made a large sculpture “Sara Ñusta” or “Queen of Corn” for the Museo Casa de la Cultura in Ibarra.

Today, his paintings can be seen all over the world: Chile, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Spain and cities like New York, Zurich, Berlin, among others.

We invite you to visit his website: