Hosteria Museart Pantavi

In the heart of the Northern Andes

Hostería Pantaví is ideally located in the province of Imbabura, close to Ibarra and Otavalo. It is located in the Salinas Valley, part of the lovely and hospitable Tumbabiro district. This is a privileged location, blessed with thermal waters, dramatic Andean landscapes, birds and a diversity of cultures including indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian heritage.

The Hostería’s atmosphere emits peace and tranquility, ideal for exploring the area’s natural attractions such as its ecological reserves, mountains, lagoons, rivers, waterfalls, the cloud forest and tropical.

It is located 120 km from Quito, approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes by car, and only 120 km from Colombia’s southern border.

Main attractions

Enjoy a wide variety of activities

Just outside Hostería Pantaví in the surrounding area, there is a great variety of places to discover and explore. We invite you to take part in the following activities during the day, while we await your return at the Hostería where you can enjoy a delicious dinner, hot bath and jacuzzi.

Visit local communities

Tumbabiro, Salinas, Chota Valley, Iruguincho and Cahuasqui

Hostería Pantaví is a great jumping off point to explore nearby picturesque villages in the region, like the towns rich in history and Andean and Afro-Ecuadorian tradition, pristine villages that base their economy on agriculture and land work and large corn and cotton plantations, endowed by forests and waterfalls.

Discover indigenous temples, traditions and their handicrafts. These are our suggested itineraries.


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In the vicinity

Exploring Imbabura’s rich geography

Close to Hosteria Museart Pantavi you can enjoy a wide variety of activities from relaxing ones, like medicinal baths in the hot springs, to challenging walks.

Our location and geography facilitate enriching experiences.

Chachimbiro thermal baths

Only 15 minutes away by car are the Cachimbiro thermal baths; mesothermal waters of volcanic origin between 30 and 50 ºC, known for its high concentration of minerals and medicinal properties. This recreational space is open daily from 07h00 to 22h00. The entrance fee is US $5.00 for use of the recreational pools and US $ 10.00 for use of the spa area.

  • Distance 10 km
  • Time of arrival 15 min. aprox.

Box baths with organic herbs

Only 500 meters from the Hostería Pantaví, in Tumbabiro, you can enjoy these wonderful hydrotherapy treatments, enriched with medicinal plants and organic herbs. Box baths are ideal for improving health and recovering balance in energy. The experience includes a bathrobe, towel, cap, organic herbs, fruit and prickly pear juice. A minimum of 5 people is required.

  • Distance 1.5 km
  • Time of arrival 5 min. aprox.


The beautiful area surrounding Hostería Pantaví is ideal for self-guided walks, from medium to high difficulty and lasting 2 – 3.5 hours. These trails will take you through lush vegetation, mountainous terrain, cane plantations, local communities and much more. We invite you to download the detailed information of our 4 sustainable routes.

Ruta sagrada (Sacred Route)

Enjoy an unforgettable guided adventure passing through sacred and ritualistic pre-Colombian sites. Visit a historic Pucara at 2100 meters above sea level and enjoy a spectacular view of the entire Imbabura province. Discover local fauna such as numerous cactus species, bromeliads and acacias and visit Tapiapamba, a beautiful Afro-Ecuadorian village. Download the route guide here.

Tren de la Libertad (Liberty Train)

Enjoy a marvelous train journey along the Ibarra – Salinas – Ibarra rout, starting from Ibarra, the “White City”, until you reach Salinas. During the ride you’ll pass through six man made tunnels dug using only pickaxes and shovels, and also cross several bridges traversing deep canyons. The train departs everyday from Thursday to Sunday and on national holidays, and costs USD 33 per adult. Check the Tren Ecuador website ( for more information.


** Nota: Train ride suspended until previous notice.

  • Distance 7.5 km
  • Time of arrival 10 min. aprox.

Cloud forest

Enjoy a wonderful day in the cloud forest of Imbabura; explore its geography, flora and fauna. By car, the cloudforest is between 1 to 2 hours from Hosteria Pantavi and we can organize your transportation along with a native or multilingual guide. Please note: You must book at least one week in advance.

  • Distance 25 km
  • Time of arrival 1 hora 15 min.

Ecological Reserves

Enjoying nature at its best

We invite you to discover some of northern Ecuador’s most outstanding natural reserves and their ecosystems, characterized by their flora and fauna at 5,000 and 500 meters above sea level.

Dazzle yourself with spectacular landscapes and new experiences.

Cotacachi Cayapas Ecological Reserve

Visit one of the most beautiful ecological reserves in Ecuador, due to its impressive landscapes and varied ecosystems, between 5,000 and 500 m.a.s.l. Visit the reserve’s interpretation center where you can take a boat ride around the caldera lagoon’s two islands. The reserve is open every day of the year.

  • Distance 40 km
  • Time of arrival 1 hora 30 minutos

El Ángel Reserva Ecológica

El Ángel’s landscape, characterized by giant frailejones (known in English as espeletia – they resemble short palm trees) of up to 5 meters, provides a glimpse into the Andean grassland’s unique ecosystem. You’ll also see numerous orchid species, hummingbirds and possibly rainbow trout in the lagoons. With a bit of luck, you might also spot the Andean condor and fox.

The park consists of 15,700 hectares and is located at an altitude of 3600 – 4760 meters. It is a 2-hour drive from our lodge. It would be a pleasure to organize your transport and a local guide, but please book 3 days in advance.

  • Distance 77 km
  • Time of arrival 2 horas

“Las siete cascadas” (the seven waterfalls) subtropical forest

2 hour and 30 minutes from Pantaví, at 1300 meters above sea level, you can visit a private subtropical cloud forest. The excursion begins by crossing and following a river until you reach the seven waterfalls. This area is part of the Choco ecosystem that extends from Colombia to Ecuador and is home to numerous native and endemic species of animals and plants. During the hike, take a refreshing dip in the river’s crystalline waters and, after the excursion, a local meal will be served. This hike is intended only for adventurous and fit people, as the path can get slippery.

  • Distance 90 km
  • Time of arrival 2 horas 30 min. aprox.

Andean bear observation project

This is a half day excursion that can be done at dawn or at dusk, when the spectacled bears forage for food in the forest. Up until now, 21 bears have been counted in the area. The project is visited in private transport with a local guide and takes around 1h30 hours. Once there, observation lasts between 1 and 2 hours and can be combined with a walk in the rainforest. A local meal is included.

  • Distance 40 km
  • Time of arrival 1 hora 30 min.

Mountain biking

We would be happy to organize a cycling tour in the surrounding area where you can enjoy the diverse landscape and discover wonderful locations. We requires a minimum of two people, please request it one day in advance.

Horseback rides

Enjoy a lovely horseback ride and visit picturesque villages around the hostería, crossing creeks and unfrequented trails. We offer rides that last from 3-5 hours for a minimum of 2 people and ask that reservations be made 2 days in advance.